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See All Your Procedures on a Single Page
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Written by Ryan Ogden

Ryan is the Founder of Momentum and he built it to help small to medium-sized companies systematize their operations to scale their business.

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How to Create a Procedure Map for Your Business

The procedure map is a great way to focus and prioritize the areas of your business that need to be documented. If you’re trying to write multiple procedures or don’t know where to start, the procedure map is a valuable tool.

For this post, I will use a client example to show you how to create and use a procedure map. Our marketing agency client wanted their procedure map to be customer or client-centric, so their map is based on client lifecycle. The procedure map resembles an org chart, and your business process will determine your levels, so the focus areas will differ. You can also add areas that the company will focus on later.

By visually documenting your levels, you can clearly see how many procedures you’ll need for your business. When we look at the second level of this example, we know that the agency will have nine areas of focus. This clarity allows businesses to drill into each level and set a clear path forward on how you’re going to execute your SOP creation.

If we drill in the third level, you can see that the agency will have 11 procedures to write. And when they write these 11 procedures level 2.0 Serve will be complete. When you begin drafting your SOPs, there may be specific procedures that you decide to go into greater detail on and others you can easily explain with a quick video.

Also, there is no right way to create a procedure map, as you can either go top-down or bottom-up. If you want to learn more about this approach and see other examples, get access to our free procedure map lesson.

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